Audi Pre-owned

NTT Audi Pre-Owned offers you not just quality approved cars at prices that will suit your budget but we take extra care and provide to you the Audi Pre-owned promise. NTT Audi Promise makes sure that our Pre-owned vehicles meet with the “Vorsprung” standards.

Audi Quality check

Our careful attention to detail ensures that the pre-owned Audi that you choose is taken through a comprehensive and mechanical quality check prior to being placed on our showroom floor. Our Audi quality check includes the reconditioning work on the interior and exterior of our pre-owned vehicles.

Audi Integrity Check

Audi provides you with peace of mind knowing that you are buying a vehicle that is not stolen so we undertake a rigorous Integrity Check on all Pre-Owned Audi vehicles.

Audi Freeway Plan

Audi Freeway plan is a comprehensive maintenance plan which covers services, wear and tear items and certain repairs. To ensure your safety and high standards of quality, the Audi freeway plan gives you peace of mind that your vehicle will be serviced and maintained when necessary and at no extra effort or cost. This comprehensive plan is included on all Audi Pre-owned vehicles. Each pre-owned vehicle is sold with a 1 year/25 000km Freeway Plan. Simply contact our service departments today regarding your maintenance, servicing and repairs. We offer optional extensions to the Freeway plan. Please note that our integrity is key so we would like to inform you upfront that certain items such as fuel, top-up fluids, glass, trim, paintwork and accidental damage are excluded.

Audi Assist

Audi Assist is a programme whereby we provide you with peace of mind motoring by providing the infrastructure to support a countrywide emergency service 24 hours a day. The programme is known as Audi Assist. Should the Audi Assist not be able to repair your vehicle we will have your vehicle towed to the closest Audi dealership. The passengers will be transported to a place of safety by the Audi Assist vehicle. Audi Assist has an infrastructure that assists you on the road with a trained specialist technician wherever you are in South Africa.

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